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Integrated External Corrosion Management Offers New Paradigm - by Keith Parker

According to its developers, Integrated External Corrosion Management (IECM) is an exciting framework for owners who are interested in improving system integrity.

 Digital Twin model for pro-active pipeline maintenance - An external corrosion case study - Presented by Elsyca

A digital twin model was deployed for a significant part of the pipeline network with the objective to assess, monitor and improve the external corrosion prevention program. 

Taking an Engineered, Integrated Approach to External Corrosion Management

In collaboration with industry stakeholders, the external corrosion prevention team at Enbridge (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is developing a unification of its corrosion monitoring and mitigation strategies, with a goal of minimizing and effectively managing external corrosion risks.

Podcast: IECM System Improves External Corrosion Management

Technical information on this engineered, integrated approach to external corrosion management (IECM) is available in the April, June, and August print issues of Materials Performance (MP) Magazine.