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Integrated Approach to External Corrosion Management

Symposia - Introduction to IECM

An Engineered, Integrated Approach to External Corrosion Management (IECM). Pipeline systems are vital for transporting oil and gas, but they can be subject to corrosion. This can lead to leaks and other safety issues.

To address this, many companies are turning to data analytics to help manage corrosion threats.

The Use of Effective Digital Twins

Webinar - Effective Digital Twins

The digital twin concept was introduced by NASA and relies on developing an integrated Multiphysics, multiscale simulation model using the best available physical models, sensor updates, asset history, etc to mirror the life of its real twin.

While it is applicable across various industries, what does that mean for the pipeline industry? Join us in the live talk to learn more on how to effectively deploy a pipeline digital twin that enables true pro-active maintenance approach for pipeline integrity.

Mechanistic Modeling and Pipeline Integrity Management

Webinar - Mechanistic Modeling

In this live talk, discover the benefits of using mechanistic modeling for pipeline integrity management. Learn how this technology helps identifying the CP effectiveness, AC/DC interference and corrosion condition of large pipeline networks while considering pipeline characteristics, CP operation and environmental conditions.

How Not to Do Machine Learning for Corrosion Prediction

Webinar - How Not to Do Machine Learning for Corrosion Prediction

Over the past two decades, machine learning has experienced exponential growth as a powerful tool for automation. With advancements in hardware and the availability of various software packages and algorithms, machine learning has found its way into many industries, including corrosion management. However, the application of machine learning in the corrosion industry comes with its own unique set of challenges and risks.


Geo-Magnetically Induced Currents (GIC)

Webinar - Geo-Magnetically Induced Current (GIC)

Geomagnetic storms cause problems on Earth, from damaging the power grid to disruption of underground pipeline operations. But what exactly are these storms, and by what mechanism do they cause disruption?

Introduction to Digital Twins for Corrosion Management

Webinar - Introduction to Digital Twins for Corrosion Management

This webcast provides an interactive introduction to Digital Twin technology and how it can be used for corrosion management, specifically with respect to pipeline management. The webcast covers the lifecycle of a digital twin model and demonstrates ways the technology can elevate the work of corrosion professionals and optimize costs.

This event has been Pre-Recorded by MP Magazine. To view video register below.